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Create a charted pattern instantly with your own text in cross‑stitch or backstitch lettering!:

Create your own patterns of words, sayings, poems, alphabets, etc. You can choose from several different sizes and styles of alphabets as shown on the left.

Try a limited version of our Caption Maker for free, or purchase a Subscription and enjoy unlimited access to all alphabets and features, including our Samplers and Borders! Subscribers also receive a discount off of the price of all patterns in our Pattern Gallery, all for only $12.00 for a full year.

Alphabet Choose Font:
?Select a letter style from the examples shown on the left.
  (6 styles are available for our Free trial)
The '-pt' indicates how many stitches high the letters
are for comparison. Use the smaller 'pt' letters if
you need to fit a lot of words into a small space.

Stitched width:
? Measure your width (or count the stitches across) of the
area on your fabric where you require your stitched words
to fit and enter either: number-of-stitches, inches, or cm.
330 stitches is the maximum possible width.
  (110 stitches is the maximum for our free trial).
Choose a smaller font or enter a wider width if
your words are cut off.
? Enter your fabric count (how many stitches per inch).
Only required for the calculation of your stitched
size. If you're stitching 'over 2' on linen enter only
1/2 the count (i.e. 28ct linen 'over 2' = 14ct)
?The color of the printed letters - choose Black if you don't
have a color printer. (of course you can stitch with any
thread color of your choice).
Center Text ?Check this to center every line of text on your page,
or leave it un-checked to line up all text to the left side.
Automatically wrap words at selected width ?Only un-check 'word wrap' if you want to enter your own
carriage returns (or if pasting text that is already formatted
with newlines) otherwise don't press [ENTER] at the end
of lines (except to explicitly start a new paragraph) and your
text will automatically wrap at your selected page width.

Type or paste your text here:      (- see further Instructions below)

Note: width and height are limited to a few lines and to the 6 Free fonts when using our trial version. Members can login at the top of the page for unlimited access to all designs, fonts and features!   To Subscribe click Here

Choose an alphabet, type in your words, and then click 'Preview Caption' to view your text formatted with the settings that you specified. Press [ENTER] at the end of lines if you want to make your text start a new line, otherwise you might find it better just to type text with no line-feeds and let the program wrap your text at your specified width. Press [ENTER] only when you explicitly want to start a new paragraph. If you make a mistake or your text doesn't fit just click your back-arrow to come back again to experiment with different settings or modify your text.

Once you're happy with your preview click on 'Create Pattern' to generate your pattern. Your pattern will open in your PDF reader program or you can choose to save the file and open it later (see below if you need a PDF reader). Once you have the pattern displayed just print it out. Depending how large it is, your pattern will be printed on 1-6 pages. Color is optional and can be changed to improve readabilty (choose 'black' if you don't have a color printer). Of course you can do the actual stitching with any colors your heart desires!

The amount of letters that will fit within a given page size varies widely depending on the size of the alphabet you choose. For large amounts of text choose smaller sized letters or your design will likely end up too large. For example, with our very large alphabets you may only fit a few words - use these for large banners or signs, and use the small alphabets for poems and sayings, etc. You can always use your back arrow to come back and try different alphabets, etc. To get an idea of the letter sizes refer to the 'pt' size for each font which indicates the height of the letters in number of stitches (e.g. 2pt letters are 2 stitches high). To get an idea of the letter sizes print out our: Alphabet Sample PDF

Once your pattern opens on your screen, use the PDF functions such as 'zoom + -', to get a closer view of your pattern, 'save as', to save a copy to your computer, and 'print' to print it out.

Patterns are displayed in PDF format which requires Adobe Reader on your computer. If you don't already have a PDF reader you can download it for free from Adobe. Another good free PDF program is: Foxit Reader - and it is a much smaller download (for those without high-speed Internet).

Enjoy!      ^ Back to top ^

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