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    No, you do not need a membership, or even to register before shopping, just add items to your cart and then complete the Checkout. If you do decide to join however you will enjoy unlimited use of our online Caption Maker and new Border/Sampler Maker tools to instantly make charts of your text. Click on Join to purchase a membership.
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    To shop on our website browse through our Pattern Gallery and click on any designs you are interested in. Click 'Add to Cart' to add the item to your shopping cart. You can set your preferred currency in the list-box provided. If your currency isn't listed just leave it as USD and your credit card company will convert it for you automatically. When you are done shopping, click on your shopping cart or on 'Checkout' to proceed to our secure checkout where you choose your type of payment and enter your payment information. You can pay with a credit card or you can choose payment by mail, or PayPal. Login at the top of the page to access your account info if you have shopped at before. If you forgot your password you can have a new one sent to your email.
  • How do I get my patterns? »

    Once you have made a purchase you will see your pattern links in your account as soon as you complete your checkout (nothing is sent to you). You can login at the very top of any page to view and print your patterns at any time. In your receipt you will see a password that we have provided for you. Printing patterns is very easy and can be done right from the web page. To print a pattern just click on the little 'open' icon open to display it, and then click your 'Print' button (or 'Print' in your 'File' menu). For more help with printing see: Printing Help. To see how it works for free try one of our: Free Patterns.
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    Make sure you are logging in using the exact same email address that you used when you ordered. If you have forgotten your password you can have a new one sent to your email address by clicking on 'Forgot Password' in the login box. If you don't receive the email make sure the address is correct, and also check your 'spam' or 'bulk' folders if applicable. If all else fails, please contact us for help.
  • How do I make a Caption Maker Pattern from my own text? »

    Click on Caption Maker from anywhere on our website. Members will need to login at the top of the page (if not already logged in). Then choose either: 'Caption Maker' - for just text, or 'Borders' to put a border around your text, or 'Samplers' - to add your own text to one of our ready made patterns. Further instructions are shown on those pages. Non-members can only access a limited version of the Caption Maker.
  • Do I have to pay to create Caption Maker/Sampler Maker patterns? »

    Membership is required except for the 'free trial' features. Once you have purchased a Membership you have unlimited access to all features and fonts of our Caption Maker and Border/Sampler Maker for a whole year. There are no other charges for creating captions.
  • Is it safe to use my credit card at »

    Credit card purchasing from is very safe (we've been processing online payments safely and securely since 1998). We use SSL encryption on our data entry screens, the same as used by the major banks, and we take every precaution to keep your personal data safe. In fact, for extra security, your credit card information is not stored which greatly reduces the possibility of data being stolen.
  • I'm bad with computers and can't print. Have I just wasted my money? »

    Absolutely not! Unlike some download sites where you only get one chance to get your file, at you can login anytime to print your pages again. For more information see our: Printing Help
    If you're still stuck you have these options:
      1. If you know someone else who is good with computers, write down your email address and the password we provided in your receipt and have them login on their computer and print the pages for you.
      2. Save the pattern file to a USB memory stick, and then take it to a document printing company (Staples, Office Depot, etc.) and have them print it for you.
      4. Send us a message using our contact form. We would love to hear from you and help you out.
  • How long do my patterns remain available on the website? »

    Your patterns can be accessed any time you login on our website and will be available for up to a year. You can print as many working copies as you like but remember all patterns are copyright and are for your own personal only.
  • Can I pay by mail or other than by credit card? »

    You can make payments by mailing a Check or Money order, or you can pay using PayPal which is very secure and keeps your financial information private. At checkout, you will see a selection box which allows you to select your payment method. If you select payment by mail, at the completion of your checkout, the site will give you an address to mail your payment. Once your payment arrives we will complete your order and an E-Mail is automatically sent to you letting you know your account has been activated.
  • Do you automatically renew, or charge extra fees to my credit card later? »

    At you are only charged once for the amount shown when you checkout, and there are no further extra, or automatic charges. As mentioned above, we don't save your credit card information (for added security) so any new transactions or purchases will require you to enter your credit card info each time.
  • Can I share the patterns with my friends? »

    No, you are not legally allowed to share patterns with others. All patterns purchased or downloaded from are bound by copyright law to be used only by the person for whom they were purchased, even once you are done with them. It's important that everyone helps protect the copyrights of all designers who make their livelihood by designing the patterns that we all enjoy. Thanks for understanding!
  • I don't live in USA or Canada. How do I Pay? »

    The easiest, fastest, safest way to pay for anything online is by credit card. Your bank will convert the amount to your own currency automatically using current exchange rates. PayPal is also very secure and you can use funds directly from your bank account if you don't have a credit card. Cheques by mail are not accepted outside of USA and Canada though, sorry.

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