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Commercial Subscription... cross stitchcross stitch

A commercial subscription allows you to freely distibute your patterns or products created with our Caption Maker in any manner you like for commercial use.


Subscriptions are charged in US Dollars (or CA Dollars in Canada). For all other countries, your bank or credit card provider will automatically convert the US amount into your own currency.

Commercial License:

Crosstitch.com Ltd. grants commercial subscribers the rights to download, copy, modify, distribute and use patterns or products created with our Caption Maker for commercial use, without permission from or attributing Crosstitch.com Ltd., for as long as your subscription is active.
This license does not include the right to compile fonts from Crosstitch.com Ltd. to replicate a similar or competing service.
For annual sales exceeding $50,000USD, written permission and an additional license agreement from Crosstitch.com Ltd. will be required.

Terms and Conditions:

By subscribing, you authorize CROSSTITCH.COM to charge the applicable recurring subscription fees to your credit card (unless you chose not to automatically renew). Payments are charged in U.S. dollars (or Canadian dollars in Canada), all other currencies will be converted to the U.S. dollar amount by your own credit card provider or bank. You may opt out of renewing your subscription by email or your account page. Subscriptions can be cancelled but are not eligible for a refund.

Your responsibility.

You promise that the information you give us is accurate, and that you will keep your contact information and email address up-to-date. You must keep your password secure and not let anyone else use your username or password. If you realise there is any unauthorized use of your account you need to let us know immediately. If your automatic payment fails, you will need to place a new subscription order to continue using our service.


In no event will CROSSTITCH.COM be liable for any incidental, economic, or consequential damages arising out of the use of this content. In no event will liability exceed the amount paid for your purchase.


CROSSTITCH.COM reserves the right to terminate your account without notice if, in our sole discretion, you fail to comply with any of these Terms of Use.

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