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cross stitch pattern Bath Tub Collection Witches Brew

Bath Tub Collection Witches Brew

$6.00 USD     

  • 110 x 80 stitches.
  • 7.9" x 5.7" stitched on 14 count.
  • 6.1" x 4.4" stitched on 18 count.
  • Number of colors: 34
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Designed by: Catia Dias
    ©Catia Dias Designs

Keywords: bathtub bath witch halloween
• More in this series: 'bathtub-collection-series'

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Bath Tub Collection Witches Brew cross stitch pattern... This collection is the perfect whimsical addition to any bathroom. In this design a black bathtub is adorned with witches accessories like hat, broom and brew ingredients. Collect the whole series.

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