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Ursula Michael Designs
cross stitch pattern Praying Hands

Praying Hands

$5.99 USD     

  • 128 x 180 stitches.
  • 9.1" x 12.9" stitched on 14 count.
  • 7.1" x 10.0" stitched on 18 count.
  • Number of colors: 10
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Designed by: Ursula Michael
    ©Ursula Michael Designs

Keywords: pray prayer christian

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Praying Hands cross stitch pattern... Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us fr

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