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cross stitch pattern Canada Trio - Donut - Gnome - Mug

Canada Trio - Donut - Gnome - Mug

$10.00 USD     

  • 92 x 92 stitches.
  • 6.6" x 6.6" stitched on 14 count.
  • 5.1" x 5.1" stitched on 18 count.
  • Number of colors: 13
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Designed by: Cross Stitch Wonders
    ©Cross Stitch Wonders

Currency USD

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Canada Trio - Donut - Gnome - Mug cross stitch pattern... CANADA TRIO joins A Year Of Donuts, Gnomes and Mugs! The Gnome and Mug designs are 92 stitches wide by 92 stitches high. The Donut design is 80 stitches wide by 80 stitches high. Cross stitch wood blanks that perfectly fit just the mug, just the gnome and the donut are available. Email for more information: marcia@crossstitchwonders.com

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