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cross stitch pattern A Year Of Mugs - JANUARY

A Year Of Mugs - JANUARY

$7.00 USD     

  • 92 x 92 stitches.
  • 6.6" x 6.6" stitched on 14 count.
  • 5.1" x 5.1" stitched on 18 count.
  • Number of colors: 10
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Designed by: Cross Stitch Wonders
    ©Cross Stitch Wonders

Keywords: mug cup coffee tea yearly monthly january
• More in this series: 'a-year-of-mugs-series'

Currency USD

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A Year Of Mugs - JANUARY cross stitch pattern... A YEAR OF MUGS! January warms you up with a mug of hot cocoa. Each month's design will be 92 stitches wide by 92 stitches high. The mug by itself is 56 stitches wide by 80 stitches high. Stitch the entire design or just the mug!

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