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Caption Maker - Create your own Text Patterns... cross stitchcross stitch

Choose Alphabet:

Free and assorted Fonts:

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Full Cross-Stitch Fonts:

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More Back-Stitch Fonts:

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  NEW! - added 20 new fonts!

Create your own patterns of words, sayings, poems, alphabets, etc. You can choose from several different sizes and styles of alphabets from those shown on the left, and subscribers can create patterns up to 330 stitches wide by 280 stitches high! (110x90 for our free trial)

Alphabet Choose Font:
?Select a letter style from the examples shown on the left.
The '-pt' indicates how many stitches high the letters
are for comparison. Use the smaller 'pt' letters if
you need to fit a lot of words into a small space.

Fabric Count:
? Enter your fabric count (how many stitches per inch).
Only required for the calculation of your stitched
size. If you're stitching 'over 2' on linen enter only
1/2 the count (i.e. 28ct linen 'over 2' = 14ct)
Stitched width:
? Enter your desired design width in either: number-of-stitches,
inches, or cm. (330 stitches is the maximum possible width).
Choose a smaller font or enter a wider width if your words are
cut off. For our free trial the size is limited to 110 stitches.
Word wrap ?Only un-check 'word wrap' if you want to enter your own
carriage returns (or if pasting text that is already formatted
with newlines) otherwise don't press enter at the end of lines
(except to explicitly start a new paragraph) and your text will
automatically wrap at your selected page width.

Center Text ?Check this to center every line of text on your page,
or leave it un-checked to line up all text to the left side.
Font Color:
?The color of the text symbols - only for improving
readability. (of course you can stitch with any
thread color of your choice).
Stitched Height:
? Leave this blank to let the program determine height or:
-Enter your desired height in the same units as your
stitched width (280 stitches is the maximum possible height).
Choose a smaller font or enter a larger height if your
lines of text do not all fit (or just leave height blank).
For our free trial the height is limited to 90 stitches.

Type or paste your text below? Type in or paste your text without entering any line-feeds
and the program will wrap your text at the width you've
specified. Only press [ENTER] when you explicitly want to
start a new paragraph. If you are pasting text that already
contains line-feeds you might need to manually delete them.
      (- see further Instructions )