We can make your design any stitched-size you want, although sometimes we have go a bit larger if it doesn't show enough detail at the size you specify. Please provide an estimated size and aida-count on your order form. The larger the size the better the detail will be but you also need to consider your stitching ability, and how large and complicated a pattern you are willing to stitch.

Simple designs like a pet or a single portrait such as shown below can be stitched as a small design and still be acceptable. If you do decide to make it larger, your picture will have better detail the larger you go.

More detailed photos would have to be larger designs in order to be clear enough. Don't forget you don't have to have your whole photograph in the design, we can crop the image down to just the subject area you want, or to make it a close-up.

By the way, the size of your photograph has nothing to do with the finished size of your design. A regular 4x6 snapshot is the easiest to mail and to work with although we can use whatever size you have available (up to 9" x 12"). Any good-quality digital photo will also be fine but the key point is "good-quality" (a dark, out of focus photo taken on your cell-phone will not work! :)