How to Print our Online Patterns:

At, all of our original patterns are available to be printed online, right on your own printer. Once you login you can access any patterns you have purchased, any time you like. A password is provided at the time of puchase which you type in on any of the login boxes on our website. Once you're in your account, click on the little 'open' icon open below the design to display the pattern on your screen.

All of our online patterns are displayed in standard PDF document format. This has become the most accepted, and by far the best method for displaying and printing any kind of documents online. You are not required to download the patterns to your computer (although you can if you like). Printing a pattern is as simple as displaying the pages on your screen and printing. To see how it works for free please try out our:  Free Patterns

Update:  If you switch to the Google Chrome web browser it will display and print the patterns right in your browser window. We definitely recommend this if you use an older version of Windows so that you get up-to-date browser features and security without having to upgrade your Windows (and you won't need the reader programs shown below).

Your computer must have Adobe PDF Reader installed to display PDF documents in your browser. The free Adobe Reader is available from Adobe, or, for another good reader with a much smaller download (especially for older computers or if you don't have high-speed Internet) download the free Foxit Reader. Once you have downloaded a reader, follow the steps to install the program on your computer.

Solving Printer Problems:

If your print-out isn't very clear; first of all make sure to check your print cartridge and do a printer test or nozzle check, etc. Then click on your 'Printer Properties' or 'Preferences' and if possible change to a setting that will say something like 'Graphics - High' or 'Fine' (rather than 'Draft' or 'Low'). Using good quality paper can also make a big difference. Also, some printers will try to reduce the size or 'scale' to fit the page - make sure you're printing at '100%' or 'Normal Size'.

The pattern pages should print exactly as they are displayed on the screen using any computer/printer combination. Any problems usually just require a simple change of a setting. If you are having a problem printing that you can't solve, please give us a quick note in the form below and we will be happy to help.

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