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  • Ellen Jones from Uk -- Jul 21, 2024
    • Hi I doing a dimensions Xmas stocking and would like some help or a video on finishing the stocking sewing it together as the instructions are confusing many thanks Ellen
  • claire from Dale City VA -- May 09, 2024
    • I am looking to convert the needle treasure floss to DMC for the kit "No Matter where I roam..." by D. Morgan. Where can I look?
  • Ilbret Adeh from Broomfield, CO -- Apr 16, 2024
    • Hi Friends! Do you have unfinished cross stitch projects laying around just waiting to be completed? I can help you! I finish the un-finished so you can gift them, frame them, whatever you want to do with them. So far I have helped 3 different people from this message board who are ongoing customers. I am also part of the Loose Ends Project. Happy to help no matter the size, just reach out! You can also find me on instagram: @the_tinyneedle
  • Christine Holly from Manchester, NH -- Apr 16, 2024
  • Kathryn Terwilliger from WADING RIVER -- Apr 08, 2024
    • I'd like to hire someone to turn my 2 finished cross stitch santas into ornaments. Does anyone out there do this?
  • Julie from Washington State, US -- Feb 13, 2024
    • Hi All, After many years in the business, I have finally made the decision to retire from the Cross Stitch Sales business. I am now selling off all my remaining stock at 50% off. Please help me empty the shelves! and Happy Stitching!! visit for the closeout sale.
  • Julia Rose from Dartford UK -- Jan 20, 2024
  • Diane from Oklahoma -- Jan 16, 2024
    • Does anyone have the Longaberger Cross Stitch Angel Ornament kits? Angel of Hope,Angel of Love, Angel of Peace, Angel of Joy, 1993-1996 to sell. thanks
  • Ilbret Adeh from Broomfield, CO -- Jan 10, 2024
    • Hi Friends! Do you have unfinished cross stitch projects laying around just waiting to be completed? I can help you! I finish the un-finished so you can gift them, frame them, whatever you want to do with them. So far I have helped 3 different people from this message board who are ongoing customers. I am also part of the Loose Ends Project. Happy to help no matter the size, just reach out! You can also find me on instagram: @the_tinyneedle
  • Willa Nelson from Tennessee -- Dec 28, 2023
  • Linda Wright from Powder Springs Georgis 30127 -- Dec 19, 2023
    • I have a counted cross stitch of a picture of my nephew that passed away a few years ago. I sent off and had it printed out from one of his pictures. It is so hard to me because of all the changing of threads. I was looking for somebody to finish it for me and what it would cost, Thank you for your help.. Do you know how I could attach the pattern for you to see it? I dont have any time limit that it needs to be done.
  • Lisa from Albuquerque -- Nov 26, 2023
  • Donna from Butler, PA -- Nov 14, 2023
    • I started a stamped cross stitch for my grand daughter's wedding in May 2024. I lost interest in this project and am unable to finish it. I am looking for someone who would be interested in finishing this for me. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks
  • Beverly Lewis from Williamsburg Va. -- Oct 30, 2023
    • I have 13 Lavender and Lace patterns new in packages and one Kit. Asking $5 each and $10 for the kit, plus postage.
  • Beverly Lewis from Williamsburg Va. -- Oct 29, 2023
    • I have just about given up cross stitching At 80yrs there is no way on Gods green earth I could do all the patterns I have collected over the years. So with that said. I have leaflets on all subjects. If there is something you are looking for let me know. I will also have fabric and floss available at a later date. let me know. I will charge a small fee for my time and whatever the cost of postage is.
  • Ellie from Minneapolis MN USA -- Oct 26, 2023
    • I have a completed cross stitch that my husband wants to make into a clock. The center mechanism goes right through some stitching and the mechanism is about 1/4 inch in diameter. He wants a hole added to put the mechanism through. What can I do to protect the stitching around the hole so it doesn t ravel? Thanks
  • JULIANA from GUATEMALA -- Oct 11, 2023
    • Does anyone know of a needlepoint yarn shop near La Crescenta, California, where 3-ply Persian wool yarns are sold by the strand? The only store I know is The Yarn Barn in San Antonio, TX. I have a needlepoint Christmas stocking that I want to do, but I do not want to use embroidery floss for it. It is 18-mesh penelope needlepoint canvas. Any information is appreciated.
  • Julie from Pennsylvania -- Sep 01, 2023
    • I recently acquired a set of stamped pillowcases, that are not embroidered. Is there an app or website where I can, say, take a picture of the pillowcases and get the color & stitch chart?
  • Wendi Yahn from Boise -- Aug 21, 2023
    • I would love to reward someone with advice for any cross stitch patterns that would work on a hearthside afghan with pink yarn - rainforest afghan is a sample, my Stiches are 570 down and 475 across (or divide by 4) but has to be a pattern that can break like a window pane look and still be a total picture if that makes sense! THANKS!
  • Bonnie from Romeoville, Illinois -- Jul 27, 2023
  • Irene from Prosser, WA -- Jul 19, 2023
    • I am an advanced stitcher. I love to stitch large and detailed religious pictures, usually based on classical paintings and traditional Catholic art. I am having a hard time finding patterns I like ever since The Holy Needle went out of business years ago. I've tried using free online pattern-making programs to turn photos of public-domain religious pictures into patterns, but they always mess up the colors real bad. Skin tones are always lemon yellow, pale colors become vibrant, and medium colors go dark. It is frustrating to say the least. I would be more than happy to pay for quality pattern-making software, but I want to be sure it won't mess up the color palette before investing money in it. Also, how easy it is to edit the auto-generated pattern is an important consideration so I can fix speckles, replace colors that don't belong, etc. Does anyone have recommendations either for programs you like or ones to stay away from?
  • Dot Pradon from Manchester Center, Vt 05255 -- Jul 13, 2023
    • Be aware that if you have a Riolis cross stitch kit and run out of thread you have two choices. #1. They will be shipped from their Lithuanian headquarters with a waiting period of 6 weeks because they're overseas. Option #2 is to purchase the thread from their sister company in the US at 55cents per skein. I can't remember the yardage. Anyone else have this problem?
  • Ashley from Los Angeles -- Jun 19, 2023
    • Hi Friends! Do you have unfinished cross stitch projects laying around just waiting to be completed? I can help you! I finish the un-finished so you can gift them, frame them, whatever you want to do with them. So far I have helped 3 different people from this message board who are ongoing customers. Happy to help no matter the size, just reach out! You can also find me on instagram: @the_tinyneedle
  • Shawn LaFleur from Fort Worth Texas -- May 23, 2023
    • Do you need some cross stitch done? Do you have a project that was started but never completed? I can help you out. I have done many projects of varying levels of difficulty for other people. I have also done some model stitching. Feel free to reach out, if you need my assistance.
  • Trisha from Phoenix, AZ -- May 16, 2023
    • Need your input - I was gifted a roll of "tan" vinyl weave (color is darker than DMC 842 - v lt beige brown - and lighter than DMC 841 - lt beige brown. I am having difficulty determining which colors will work best with this vinyl weave without getting lost in the color of the weave. Would welcome your suggestions/ideas. Happy stitching!
  • Lois Herrera from Albuquerque -- May 16, 2023
    • I am working a Calamar Designs 'Something Special' cross stitch #50210, Wild Life Collage. I have one stitch that I am not sure what color to use, as that symbol is not in the chart instructions. The symbol is "P", I am hoping maybe someone has an idea to share on what color of floss I am supposed to use for that symbol. I cannot find the company online at their website, the domain is for sale. Thank you for any suggestions.
  • Betty from Albuquerque -- Apr 16, 2023
    • Retiring soon and purchased a few Ursula Michaels patterns. My thought was to make a few (takes me forever) and sell them for a little added income. There s a message at the bottom of the pattern that it s copy righted and can t be sold. Does that go for the finished product too?
  • Abbie from Iowa -- Apr 11, 2023
    • Recently saw a stunning cross stitch and hardanger finish shared at a local needlework meeting. Design had hardanger work or design around the border area of the design. In the center was the complete 1 Corinthians 13 chapter in cross stitch. Piece framed and matted was about 36" or so by maybe 30" or so. Absolutely stunning. Have no idea who the designer is or the name of the chart. All I know is I want to stitch one for myself. I have searched online. Nothing. It is not a Stoney Creek design. Any and all input would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you for your help.
  • Ann Schaeffer from Cockeysville, Maryland -- Mar 24, 2023
  • Lynn Arnold from Wilmington -- Mar 16, 2023
    • Has anyone done a redxing cross stitch kit? It is printed. Come with one chart. Instructions mention back stitch, and picture on front clearly shows outlining. Yet the chart doesnt show where outline goes or what colors it shuld be. The distributor says there is only one chart. I cant seem to puzzle out whatever special heiroglyphs they might be using to denote the outlining back stitch. If anyone has f8gured it out id love to know the secret thanks
  • Kim Kantola from Cape Neddick, Maine -- Feb 20, 2023
    • Hello, I am posting in hopes of finding someone who might help me update an existing cross stitch. It is a framed baby-themed cross stitch that was made by the grandmother of someone who just had a new baby. I was hoping to update the cross stitch by either taking parts of it to make a new smaller framed item, or removing the baby name and birthdate on it now, and adding the new baby's name. The original maker of the cross stitch passed away, and I think this would be a very sentimental gift to the new Mom. I have no skills at this so am hoping to mail it to someone that I can pay to do the work. Thanks!
  • Dawn from Texas -- Feb 14, 2023
    • I am in need of a Creative Moments March banner cross stitch. I ve done every month except March. Please email if you know of anyone selling one. Thanks!
  • Wilma from Oklahoma -- Feb 05, 2023
    • New to cross stitch and have a few questions. I am using 14 count Aida, what size needle should I use? I am using size 24 but have a hard time running the needle under my stiches when I end my color. Is there such a thing as tension in cross stitch? Also which is better, leaving a tail to start or loop method? Lastly how far can I carry my floss across the back, lots of lone stitches. Appreciate the help.
  • Martha from New Hampshire -- Feb 03, 2023
    • Hoping someone can help me. I have a few patterns from Kustom Krafts and I think there may be an issue with the colors as DMC # 647 is used and its a green/grey shade, I am doing a wolf and this color looks wrong, same with #318 it is a blue shade and looks out of place. The other numbers I am using #645, #646 look like they belong and #317 . I have emailed Kustom Krafts twice now to ask about the colors and no one has bothered to respond. Does anyone know if these were some of the colors DMC modified many years ago and if so can someone recommend replacement numbers. I did find an old partial bit of 647 and it is definetly greyer in color. thanks in advance
  • Mary B Moore from Hughesville -- Feb 02, 2023
    • I began an angel cross stitch piece about 5 years ago and am unable to finish it. It is called "Fairy Dreams" designed by Marilyn Leavitt Imblum. I just barely started it. Would anyone like to complete it for me? I live in southern Maryland. Thank you!
  • Mary B Moore from Hughesville -- Feb 02, 2023
  • Diane Cowden from Creighton, NE -- Jan 30, 2023
    • I am wondering if anyone would be able to complete a Counted Cross Stitch Sampler for me? I opened it and realized that my eyes would not be able to complete it. Had bought it years ago for my daughter's son's room. He has passed away, but she still wants it as it will contain his birthdate. Thank you!
  • Annie Evans from Franklin, TN -- Jan 29, 2023
    • My fingers are crossed! I bought a lovely Xmas wreath cross stitch when I was in my 20 s in Hilton Head. I finished half of it and put it aside. Clearing things out now and hoping to find a good home for this project. You could frame it and make a pillow! 15x15 Be glad to email photo. Have thread and directions.
  • Erin Geraci from Burke VA -- Jan 25, 2023
    • I am in possession of a Large Stash (hundreds of colors) of cross-stitch thread. I am in Indialantic, Florida. If anyone nearby wants this stash , please respond in the next 24 hours. The stash is completely organized and in a plastic case. It is a treasure trove for any beginner or experienced stitcher. Looking forward to your replies!
  • Kari Tranter from Salt Lake City -- Jan 16, 2023
    • I m looking for a grandma who likes to Crosstitch some simple dish towels. The reason I m looking for an older person is because my my grandma made them for me, and recently my mom past away. Now my girls and getting married and I thought it might be special to have someone grandma make them for my girls. A little love for someone grandma. Even if you were never a grandma you would fill their shoes. Thank you!!
  • Jean from Sonoma -- Nov 09, 2022
    • I have a stack of cross stitch patterns and pattern books that is about 2 feet high. I want to find a place to donate them. I am looking for some place that will give them away to people who could not afford to buy patterns or have lost what they had, in a fire as an example. I am having a very hard time finding anything like that. If I am going to get rid of them, I want them to be given to people who will enjoy them. Is there any place or organization that gives craft or cross stitch supplies to people?
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